To Colorado and Wyoming

This is the brothers August (left) and Emil Lindström. August was my fathers-mothers-father. A personal guess is that this picture (a tintype) was taken in Colorado 1895. August is then 29 and Emil 26. At that time they lived and worked in Leadville Colorado.

From left to right: Leadville in 1895 and today and three pictures from Tavelsås 2002

The two brothers left Tävelsås i Småland 1892. This was a small rural village south of Växjö. In 1890 about 1400 people lived here. August already had a family he left back home. We don´t know what kind of work they had from the beginning in Clorado. Or why they, in the first place went there. But in january 1895 they had a "hit" in Georgetown (Emma-shaft) and made a lot of money. It was so large that it was mentionend in the newspapers. August went back home that summer, but lost his money playing cards on the boat. That´s what the family tradition says. So, a couple of months later he had to go back. He left his wife and children once again in february 1896.


Edward - picture taken in Greeley CO

In may 1900 - four years later - his son Edward is leaving Sweden under the name Johan Lindstrom, with a ticket to Leadville, where his father and uncle is living and working. In summer 1901 his father goes back to Sweden - this time for good - and Johan stays. The last track of him is photo above, taken by "Baker" in Greeley. This photographer closed his business in february 1902. The family trdition says he was shot dead. But this is not confirmed. He is not mentionend in Colorado archives 1900-1926. So the hunt goes on for more information. Johan was born november 17 1884. I received this picture from my grandmother, when I was around 15 or 16, because "you are very much alike him". Some tracks leads to Durango in Colorado and with a time limit to 1903.

It is obvious that the two brothers made money. August came home and later bought a farm. Emil stayed. He moved with his family to Cody Wyoming where relatives are living today. Emil 1869-1947, Emma 1870-1923 and Ellen 1897-1911 all rests at Riverside Cemetery in Cody. Still living in Cody is Emils Granddaughter Mrs Eileen Thomas and her children.

The following are extracts from Svensk-Amerikanaren Western, a swedish spoken paper, published in Denver from 1890 to 1928.

JUNE 13 1901 Mr August Lindström left Leadville on june 5 for the old country.

OCTOBER 17 1901 Several people were on the 13th gathered at the home of E Lindstrom at 500 East 5th street for a small evening entertainment. A very nice supper was served by mrs Lindström - all swedish dishes - of highest quality.

JUNE 12 1902 Mr Emil Lindström has been very ill but are now much better and are walking around shaking hands with his friends.

JANUARY 1 1903 On sunday evening the 26th a lot of people gathered in the home of Mr and Mrs E Lindström at 324 East 5th street. And it was a huge party. Food and drinks were served in a genuin swedish way. At midnight a well decorated christmas-tree was revealed and the children started dancing around it.

JUNE 25 1903 A sister to mrs Lindström and Frank Andersson by the name Alfrida Andersson arrived here the 19th. A real "Smålands-girl" only 20. We wish her very velcome! The gentlemen Emil Lindström, Frank Andersson, Gust Haglund, John Swanson and Eckelund are back from a trip to Grand Junction where they went to take a look at farmland. They did not buy anything but instead they claimed some Government land - 150 acres each.

JANUARY 7 1904 A very elegant christmas party was held at the home of mr and mrs Emil Lindström at 324 East 5th street. About 50 of their friends were invited to spend christmas eve. For the children it was a special night because Santa Claus came around and all the children received one or more presents from the great, famous Santa Claus. After that a very fine supper was served with all kinds of swedish dishes not forgotten the "lutfisk" and the "shots"

Emil (1869-1947) and his family in Leadville 1904. Daughters Elsa (1899-1982) and Ellen (1897-1911) far right. Wife Emma (1870-1923) and lady in white is Emmas sister Helfrida (1883-1978) called Freda.

APRIL 21 1904 Surprised was on the 16th mr and mrs Emil Lindstrom in their home at 324 Est 5th street. It was their tenth weddingday. The party gathered at the home of John Christenson - 405 East 6th street. At nine o´clock they went away to the Lindströms. One hundred persons rushed into the house. The ladies started to pick up a lot of different dishes. Then everybody asked for "old man Lindström". He was then working in the Midas-shaft and mr Pet Swanson was sent to call him up. The evening went on with food, drinks, singing and good stories and continued all night. As a memory of the evening the Lindströms received an elegant cook store or range - a very valuabel gift.

JULY 28 1904 Mr and mrs Emil Lindström at 324 East 5th street left Leadville on the 25th for Glenwood Springs. They intend to stay there for a while because mr Lindstrom is ill. We hope he will be OK in a couple of days. Welcome back!

1907 Emil and his family moves to Cody Wyoming. Together with Frank Anderson he is drivning a wagon with two horses from Denver to Cody! First winter he builds a small house for his family which arrives the year after. I will more of his life in Cody later.

APRIL 1911 Emil Lindstroms daughter Ellen M Lindström died at 1435 Thompson Court, Swansea, Ill. (Brights Disease Glomerulonephritis /serious Kidney Disease)

AUGUST 1911 The funeral of Miss Ellen Lindstrom Wednesday was one of the largest attended services of the kind held in Cody for many months and the size of the gathering of friends testified to the love in which the young lady was held and the degree of sympathy for the stricken family. The floral offerings were extremely numerous and almost hid the casket. Mrs Conger sang a lovely solo of sweet words of comfort and the Prebyterian choir also furnished two splendid numbers. Rev Mr Anderson of the Presbyterian church preached an exellent discourse from John XI:25 "I am the Resurrection and the Life. He that beleiveth on me, though he were dead, yet he shall live." Park County Enterprise, August 12, 1911

1923 Wife Emma dies from stomach cancer

JANUARY 13 1947 EMIL LINDSTROM IS CALLED TO REWARD. Emil "Grandpa" Lindstrom, 77, passed away Monday evening, January 13th, at the Cody hospital, where he had been for two weeks. He recently was returned to Cody from Billings, where he was hospitalized for a month. Lindstrom had been a resident of the community since 1906, coming here from Denver and Leadville, Colorado. He was born February 14, 1869 in Sweden, and would have been 78 on St. Valentine´s Day. He had suffered from a cardiac condition for many years. He came to the United States in 1887 and was married in Denver that year to Miss Emma Anderson who preceded him in death many years ago. Beside an aged sister in Sweden, he is survived by a daughter, Mrs Joe Freeborg: a granddaughter, Mrs Wylie Thomas; and a great grandson, Lyle Thomas, all of Cody. Funeral services will be held from the Prebyterian church Friday afternoon at 2 o´clock with interment at Riverside. He was a member of the Lutheran church. THE CODY ENTERPRISE 15 JAN 1947 page 5

2001 - 2002 With the help of many people I traced Emil, Emma and Ellen Lindstrom to Riverside Cemetery in Cody. I also found a note in Swedish archives. E Vern in Cody went to Riverside and found the headstones, Sharon Lass Field found a lot of info and she also found Emils granddaughter in Cody. Thank you all! Elsa married, had children and lived until 1982. Her daughter Eileen Thomas lives un Cody Wyoming. She has sent me photos as well as information. Thank you!

Still missing is Johan Edward Mauritz Lindstrom born nov 17 1884. Latest clues comes from Durango, Colorado.